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amor physical and mental health management platform
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:HMAI
Leadtek Research Inc.
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We understand that market service providers usually do not have enough resources to create service platforms and have continuous maintenance. The amor physical and mental health management platform can fill that gap as an excellent service tool in this field combining APP/cloud data security and data analysis. Designed with physical and mental healthcare as the top priority, including life stress, ECG, heart sound, blood pressure and blood glucose, etc., the platform works with wearable devices. The platform provides complete AI risk prediction regarding individual trends and related suggestions via the APP, including a fatigue index, a circulation index, electrocardiogram data, systolic force, blood pressure and more. The platform provides more detailed data collection for institutions as well such as group ranking, communication UI, multi-to-one service UI, monthly reports, and O2O clinic/hospital matches. The collection of professional knowledge is the critical point in solving the user’s problems and enhances the partner benefits in the healthcare ecosystem.


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About Leadtek Research Inc.

Established since 1986, Leadtek Research Inc. provides customers with best quality services upon the corporate motto ‘Innovation and Quality’ by extending the corporate spirit ‘Integrity and Honesty’. Today, Leadtek has developed into a multifaceted solution provider with main product ranges covering the healthcare solution, GPS products, AI cloud computing workstation, AI server, zero client and thin client for desktop virtualization, gaming graphics cards, professional graphics cards and others, aiming to serve the global market with multidimensional, innovative technologies and excellent products.
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In 1986 Lu Kunshan founded Leadtek Research Inc. and released the first line of Leadtek products. Since the founding, Leadtek has gone on to release the WinFast and amor product lines. Leadtek’s product designs have been the recipient of several major international product design awards including IF, Red Dot, CES, Japan’s Good Design and Taiwan’s Excellence Award. CEO Lu Kunshan holds to the belief that “high-tech research development can make our dreams a reality.” This idealistic spirit is reflected in the name of the company Lead-Tek or “Leading Technology,” which aptly conveys the company’s focus on research development. With tireless and rapid research and innovation, Leadtek produces high quality, innovative and industry-leading products that serve as a gold standard within the technology industry. Leadtek hopes to continue innovating and realizing dreams for the people of Taiwan and all over the world.

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