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Health Band
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:amor H2
Leadtek Research Inc.
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With Taiwan well-known physicians and the medical research team involved, amor H2 health band are developed by exclusive professional algorithms, and designed for office workers and senior citizens who have lack of physical activity.

The unique indicators of “circulation index” and “fatigue index” reflect the exercise efficiency, sleep quality, and stress in life/work. However, circulation index will increase by ageing and sedentary. To stop people experiencing harmful effects, amor H2 health band and its AI health management service only takes 30 seconds to generate the personalized health improvement suggestions to help users adjust their living habits and achieve a healthy life.

amor H2 Key Features:

- Measurement of circulation index

- Measurement of fatigue index

- Personalized AI health management

- Sleep quality analysis

- Activity level monitoring

- Reminder for extended sitting

- Physiological index monitoring

- Heart rate analysis

- Water- and dust-proof


About Leadtek Research Inc.

Established since 1986, Leadtek Research Inc. has provided customers with the best quality services. Today, Leadtek has developed into a multifaceted solution provider with main product ranges covering the healthcare solution, GPS products, AI cloud computing workstation, AI server, zero client and thin client for desktop virtualization, gaming graphics cards, professional graphics cards and others, aiming to serve the global market with multidimensional, innovative technologies and excellent products.
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