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Caneo RX
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:CNW046
Nova Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Appliances, Inc.
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The new foldable power wheelchair Caneo RX equipped with 200w high- performance Hub-Motors not only reduce the weight of main frame down to 27.0kg also provide responsive 10km/h maximum speed. With MAXXIS DTH superior BMX tire, the chair will still stick on the ground while high speed driving, speedy yet safety.
In order to solving the limitation of travel, we chose battery core from Panasonic and built a high quality and testing passed 24V/11.5Ah lithium battery pack, to make you fly again.
Besides, the advanced also modularized frame design provides 4 different seat widths (36/39/42/45cm) as a selection for any size of user; customized profile of Dynamic LiNX controller module can be adjusted quickly from any smart device, all the features bring you more joy than ever.

About Nova Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Appliances, Inc.

To improve people’s daily mobility, we are committed to integrating the modern technology into our mobility aids has always been our vision since Nova was established in 1981. We take SAFETY as the first priority when we develop and produce high quality assistive appliances, our product range include : canes、crutches、walkers、rolling walkers、manual wheelchairs、power wheelchairs、tilting and reclining wheelchairs、commode chairs and shower chairs. For those who are using mobility aids due to aged or physical challenged, Nova is ready to serve you and wish to be your best and trustable partner in your life.

It all begins with a promise. After finished the service in Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital in 1970s, Dr. Bruce Chen decided to go to United States to learn further medical knowledge and focused on the field of rehabilitation and was deeply inspired when he served in VA Rehabilitation Center. As far as Dr. Bruce is concerned, to heal, serve and encourage patients to recover is a promise, however, he was consistently frustrated at the lack of innovation in mobility aids his patients used. He invited Allen Chen; his young brother who graduated from mechanical science, to come to States to work together, after few years, Allen came back to Taiwan and established a company focuses on high quality and innovative mobility aids, NOVA. NOVA is a transient astronomical event that causes the sudden appearance of bright. The founder took this as company name to represent a whole new way to define the mobility aids, also carried and moved forward the mission of Dr. Bruce Chen.

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