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Reusable Clip Applier
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:TRC-TM111 /TRC-TM121 /TRC-TL111 /TRC-TL121 /TRC-H0000
award 3

The Taiwan Surgical Clip Applier is a professional surgical ligation device for laparoscopic minimal invasive surgery to occlude vessels and tissues during procedures. It features automatic clip feeding to save clip reloading time, anti-back mechanism and tissue-stop design to prevent clip dislodgement during the firing sequence, and the clip inner groove texture ensures outstanding on-structure clip retention.
What makes the Taiwan Surgical Clip Applier different is the innovative design of the reusable handle, which is compatible with multiple sizes of clip cartridges to facilitate stock management and is more durable in cleaning and sterilization cycles to fulfill economic and eco-friendly considerations. With the ergonomic one-finger rotation knob and the anti-glare shaft to minimize the light reflection influence, Taiwan Surgical Clip Applier is not only a daily surgical instrument, but a piece of artwork in the modern operating room.


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Taiwan Surgical Corporation (twsc) was founded in 2011. The headquarter is located in Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park.
Our mission is dedicated to developing and manufacturing laparoscopic surgical devices to use in the minimally invasive surgery (MIS). Our products rely on the top-notch quality, efficient manufacturing, and advanced techniques, which can fulfill the needs of both domestic and overseas markets.
In the field of surgery, we aim to provide competitive products based on the innovative research development and scale-up production to enhance medical quality all over the world.


TWSC is a professional manufacturer of surgery devices with in-house design capability for product development and innovation and GMP/ISO certified factory in Taiwan to ensure production quality and cost competitiveness. We are specialized in the laparoscopic minimal invasive surgical devices with FDA and CE certification and has presence in over 27 countries in Europe and 30 worldwide developing countries.

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