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Optima Auto
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:Optima Auto
Wellell Inc.
award 3

Pro-care Optima Dynamic Pressure Redistribution Air Mattress fulfilling the needs for the patients, the caregivers and the maintenance regarding pressure injuries prevention.Ø

•One Touch Setup, start your treatment easily. Its unique Auto Sensing Technology will automatically adjust for your optimal comfort yet still, able to customise for individual pressure care plan.Ø

•Automatic Seat Inflation makes bottoming out prevention simple when the head section has been raised.Ø

•Multi-zone air pressure on the head pillow, torso and lower leg zones allows Pro-care Optima to demonstrate significant pressure relief to fit all patients' contours with stability and comfort.

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Wellell is a global leader in medical solutions for post-acute care and acute care, operating in more than 70 countries via a dedicated distribution and service network. Founded in 1990, Wellell integrates pressure area care solutions, respiratory therapy, compression therapy, and digital healthcare services to deliver improved clinical outcomes and digital well-being for patients, caregivers, and healthcare stakeholders


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