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Dental Oil Free Air Compressor--Silent box type
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:WDS4
award 3

* Two-in-one: The dual units assure stable air supply.
* Dual switches: No need to stop the air flow during maintenance.
* Quick release: Engineers can quickly and easily replace the unit.
* Vibration: An independent chassis reduce resonance, and three-layer cushions effectively isolate vibration and noise.
* Noise: Box-type and soundproof design block noise.
* Fans: Auto-controlled by the temperature of the units.
* Oil-free: Compliant with ISO/TS 22595-2 and ISO 8573-1 standards.
* Safety: When errors occur the system will auto shut down and sound an alarm.
* Human factor engineering: Easy to start and to troubleshoot.
* Products: Two-unit air compressor ensures that the user (dentist), never needs to shut down the clinic.
* Place: Co-marketing with dental chair suppliers.
* Price: “Made in Taiwan” and compliant with the latest ISO/EC/UL standards.
* Promotion: To strengthen brand awareness. ISO 13485:2016 certificated, 40-years' experience, 3,850 global service centers in 136 countries.



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