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Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:Caduceus
Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
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Combining mixed reality technology with surgical navigation, Caduceus enables surgeons to see into a patient’s body and visualize a 3D model of the anatomy of the patient’s vascular and nervous systems. Caduceus smart surgical glasses are designed to augment the skills of a surgeon during complicated procedures. With Caduceus smart surgical glasses, surgeons are able to see the exact position of the needle without ever taking their eyes off of the patient. The benefits to patients from the innovation of the Caduceus smart surgical glasses are much faster recovery times, due to smaller incisions during the procedure to allow surgeons to focus on a patient’s body constantly, thereby reducing surgical operation time by 70%.


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About Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Main Orthopaedic becomes a leader of high-end medical devices Research and development company. The company announces an evolution technology by using smart glasses for orthopaedic surgeries in 2017 and it is then has been used in more than 100 spinal cases in Taiwan, Malaysia and USA. The company now starts to create novel medical solutions for assisting not only orthopaedics but also gaining into neurosurgery and endoscopies markets. We will do our best for creative and practical solutions for new medical devices.


As the world's precursory medical glasses, using” MR mixed reality technology” and “calculation camera image positioning technology, X-ray images can be displayed in front of the physician immediately, bring the digitized medical care technology into operation room, It’s will become a key tool for significant advances in surgery. Doctors wear the medical glasses in surgery, the patient's bones and tissues will be shown on the screen synchronously, the doctor can reference the images and make a reaction quickly that will reduce the surgery complexity, this step will shorten more than 30% about the surgery time and increase the precision without turn around frequently. At the same time, doctor can save a lot of image data and reduce the times of X-ray irradiation, these advantages avoiding the patients and medical staff exposure to radiation for a long time that is benefit the patient and medical staff.

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