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Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:21RAY
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It is easy to overlook the fact that appliances which emit heat have near-infrared light, like sunlight which has more than 50% of near-infrared light. Near-infrared rays pass through the crystal and the macula to the optic nerve, which can cause optic nerve damage and early-onset cataracts. As the eyes do not feel the damage of the heat, prolonged exposure can burn the cornea or retina and blue light in digital products is more likely to cause macular degeneration of the retina. 21Ray can effectively block harmful near infrared red light and blue light from penetrating the eyes and reduce damage. 21Ray uses an aspherical lens to block UV light and filter out harmful blue light whilst retaining beneficial blue light. SGS certified with a blocking rate of more than 40% in the near infrared, more than 50% in the blue light, and more than 90% in the ultraviolet light, which reduces eye damage.


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JP Optical management team over 25 years of experience in RX lens production.
JP Optical has R&D team locally as well as collaboration with the R&D team in Germany using digital technology to develop and design new
JP Optical has obtained international certification for ISO 13485:2015, CE and being an FDA registered facility. In addition, JP has patents in over 11 countries being Taiwan, Germany, the United States, Canada, Spain, Australia, Japan, China, Malaysia, Philippines and Hong Kong. JP has set up branches in both Australia and Singapore and actively participating in worldwide optical fairs to bring expand the sales region.
JP constantly strive to improve and enhance the technology used through innovation and R&D.


The world is your vision JP Optical is the only brand that is 100% locally owned, caring for your vision to bring the colorful world to you. Continuous Innovation Among the many international brands from Germany, France and Japan, JP Optical strive to be the first Taiwan brand on the international market by personalizing each pair of lenses to bring out the most comfortable and clear vision. Technology from Germany Incorporating the calculation techniques from Germany to create new power distribution on the lenses. World class manufacturing process Observing the Germans manufacturing spirit, from grinding, polishing, hard-coating to multi-coating to precise measurement to achieve world class quality. JP Optical is not only a manufacturing lab but also your vision protector, regardless of the type of lenses you wear, you can experience the difference – vision clarity, light and comfortable lens.

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