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Automatic Swing door system
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:SW30-L2 /SW30-E1
award 3

In response to growing versatility in automatic door applications and customer demands, TRONCO Electric Machinery has launched the SW30-L2/ SW30-E1 intelligent automatic swing door system.

The SW30-L2/ SW30-E1 incorporates microprocessor servo controllers that bring the benefit of precision door position control and smooth noise-free operation. As a green-minded electric system, it features high-efficiency power supply units with stand-by power consumption at just <0.5W, offering a superior energy, cost-effective automatic door solution.

Safety features are always the top priority in TRONCO's product design. The built-in obstruction detection feature acts on even the lightest touch on the doors during closing to prevent accidents from happening.

Equally important, modular design of components, cabling and LED indicators makes maintenance truly intuitive whereby optimal serviceability and exceptional customer experience are attainable.



TRONCO ELECTRIC MACHINERY INC. was founded in 1994 and goes by the name TRONCO both at home and abroad. Early on, its operations were largely the manufacture and sale of infrared sensors and electric drop bolts for access control. In 1999, it started to put its heart into the development and manufacture of brushless motors. That is when the company's core competence came to develop: system integration (control, drive and motor) and mechanical design. Since then, the company has become an expert on applications of efficient motors.

Three major product lines:
A. Intelligent architectural automation: various automatic doors and their peripherals
B. Green energy: environmentally-friendly power systems (rotation for power)
C. Energy-saving electric products: auto control, motor drive and drive systems for LED lighting
Besides, TRONCO has been actively in cooperation with companies in different industries.


TRONCO was established in 1994. In the beginning, we mainly developed and manufactured infrared sensors and electric drop bolts for access control. Our reliable products built a good reputation in Taiwan. Before the establishment, TRONCO had had more than three decades of practical experience in the field of construction metal engineering, making it one of the best system integrators today. In technology development, TRONCO often has technical cooperation with world renowned companies, and helps train students at domestic universities, while introducing innovative ideas and advanced technology from all around the world. In the future, we will continue to enhance our expertise and work hard to offer good after-sales service. With a relentless dedication to our career, we will develop products with customers' needs in mind, so that customers can trust us and we will become a total-solution provider in the industry.