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In-Cell Touch OLED Display
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:In-Cell Touch Series
WiseChip Semiconductor Inc.
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WiseChip launched the In-Cell Touch display product achieve the breakthrough in flexible display type. Benefiting from the enhanced manufacturing process and new technology development, lamination of the touch sensor onto the PMOLED is no longer required as the latter supports the touch function itself. The technical is innovative PMOLED display solutions that can be more quickly developed, design flexibility, cost-effective integration and easily added functionality for product designers.
Wisechip delivered OLED display modules that can provide the varied and flexibility needed to power the next generation of IoT applications, the PMOLED structure is simple but of marvelous characteristics – Micro-sized, light, ultra-thin, bright and providing wide viewing angles. The great features of PMOLED make it the top solution suitable for industrial, medical, automotive, and consumer electronics products.

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About WiseChip Semiconductor Inc.

WiseChip established in November 2005, is a global leader in display module solutions, specializing in OLED display technology. The company has research and development, manufacturing, and business marketing teams based in Taiwan, providing comprehensive display module integration solutions ranging from 0.19 inches to 6 inches.

Their product lineup includes Graphic OLEDs, Character OLEDs, Segmented OLEDs, Full-color OLEDs, and Customized designs. These products are manufactured in Taiwan, with a strict focus on quality control, implementing Total Quality Management (TQM), adhering to green manufacturing practices, and actively promoting environmental protection, energy efficiency, and carbon reduction. The company is committed to not using metals sourced from conflict zones.

With its headquarters located in Taiwan, WiseChip has a professional distribution team with a global presence. They have distribution points in global.


The research and development team, as well as the laboratory of WiseChip, are located in the Zhunan Science Park in Taiwan. With world-class research and design capabilities and leading industry technologies, they continuously innovate and improve existing products. They collaborate with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), renowned domestic universities, and research institutions to enhance their capabilities. WiseChip's PMOLED standard products have a diverse advantage, with nearly a thousand specifications, providing customers with the widest product line to meet the diverse demands of the current market and create product uniqueness. WiseChip has a strong grasp of PMOLED key technologies. They have received recognition such as the Taiwan Excellence Award for seven consecutive years, the 2023 Embedded Award Vision Award, and the 2022 Display Industry Award Bronze Award.

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