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75inch Projected Capacitive whiteboard
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:AMU750AG/AMU750AG-P
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As for fast development of technology globally, the applications of IWB has became an irreversible trend. In addition to continuing the high precision and system compatibility advantages of the 65-inches IWB, which makes it even more suitable for applications in medium to large meeting rooms and classrooms. The screen resolution is increased from Full HD to Ultra 4K.In combination with active stylus, 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity can be perfectly achieved. Hand writing effects can be easily achieved. AbonMax's R&D capability keeps in pace with the times, and continuous to provide high-quality capacitive touch IWBs which ensures that every user gets the perfect experience through non-stop innovation and development.

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AboMax Technology Co. Inc. had been established in 1978, devotes to two-sided and the multilayer printed-circuit board manufacturing in early periods. React to the international situation, transferring to produce the glass used of touch panel, the main products are TN, STN, CS, 2ndCS, in recent years increasing investment in Abon Touchsystems Inc., the main products are five wire resistive touch panel and projected capacitive touch panel.At present AbonMax develops 70 inch ITO touch monitor and 42 inch 30 points projected capacitive touch panel to connect with computer to become the large size interactive electronic whiteboard. It has many functions such like shown images, information in the whiteboard; using pens, fingertips, and interactive pens to drag, click, and copy objects, may writing, drawing, printing, and also preserving, sending email through the network.


AbonMax Technology was specialized in producing multilayer printed circuit board (PCB) from 30 years ago. The company provides professional design and takes the responsibility of supply chain for Taiwan’s electronic industries. In 2016 , Abontouch became AbonMax’s subsidiary who has products lines as followings: five-wire resistive touch panel, projected capacitive touch panels, large size and projected capacitive electronic whiteboard.