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Taiwan Excellence Award

In order to encourage manufacturers in Taiwan to improve the quality, design and image of their products so as to boost their competitiveness in the international market, the Ministry of Economic Affairs established the “Taiwan Excellence” logo in 1992 and launched the selection of “Taiwan Excellence” products starting from 1993. Products that have been chosen in the selection process would not only receive the recognition as a Taiwan Excellence Product but also join the ranks of other outstanding Taiwanese products in various promotional events to cultivate the international market.

Taiwan Excellence Award

Brand Connotation

Brand Connotation

Items of Selection

Items of Selection


Process Process
Taiwan Excellence Award
Video on the Symbol of Taiwan Excellence
Information Sessions
Registration time:
4/21-5/2 12:00 PM
Information Session Time:
5/3 14:00 ~ 16:00
Registration time:
4/21-5/4 12:00 PM
Information Session Time:
5/5 14:00 ~ 16:00
Registration time:
4/21-5/8 12:00 PM
Information Session Time:
5/9 14:00 ~ 16:00
Registration time:
4/21-5/10 12:00 PM
Information Session Time:
5/11 14:00 ~ 16:00
Registration time:
4/21-5/11 12:00 PM
Information Session Time:
5/12 14:00 ~ 16:00
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Notes on 26th Taiwan Excellence Award Selection (992 KB) 26th Taiwan Excellence Award Selection Information Session Presentation Material (3.9 MB)

Q1: Eligibility for application?

Please refer to the Notes on Taiwan Excellence Award Selection

  1. Taiwanese Business (foreign enterprises or branch offices of foreign companies not eligible)
  2. With a registered trademark
  3. The submitted product must be a commercial product that will be in mass production within 3 years (excluding food and pharmaceutical products)
  4. Has already applied for or received approval/certification
  5. Either manufactured or developed in Taiwan

Q2: Company OOO is a registered business in Taiwan but its parent company is a foreign enterprise. Would Company OOO be eligible?

Any subsidiary established in Taiwan or invested by a foreign enterprise will not be eligible for the award, even if the subsidiary has been registered in Taiwan under a different company name.

Q3: Does the NT$ 3,000 registration fee per entry include tax? Will an invoice be issued for the registration?

The NT$ 3,000 registration fee includes tax, and applicants will receive a triplicate uniform invoice sent along with an official notification to inform the applicant to submit the entry for on-spot evaluation via registered mail.

Q4: Can I submit a product that is not manufactured in Taiwan as an entry for the selection?

Yes; as long as the product has been developed in Taiwan. Be sure to provide substantiating documentations detailing your company’s organization chart as proof of your company’s R&D capabilities

Q5-1: Are all three types of documents required as the substantiating documentation to prove the country of origin for the submitted entry?

Any one of the three will suffice.

  1. Export or substantiating documentation (i.e., Export Declaration) signed by Customs
  2. Certificate of Origin(http://www.taiwanorigin.org.tw)
  3. MIT Logo (http://www.mittw.org.tw)

Q5-2: How can I apply for a Certificate of Origin?

You can apply for a Certificate of Origin from the Bureau of Foreign Trade. For details on the application, refer to (http://www.taiwanorigin.org.tw/)

Q6: Are the forms for Company Declaration, Personal Data Collection Agreement, Affidavit for Manufacturing in Taiwan, OEM Certificate for Submitted Entry and Declaration of R&D in Taiwan available?

Yes they are, and they can be downloaded via the registration system. Be sure to affix your company stamp on these documentations

Q7. Now that printed Business Registration Certificate/Factory Registration Certificate is no longer issued, how should I go about submitting the required substantiating documents?

Simply go to the Department of Commerce’s website and search for registered business/factory registration and print a copy of your company status

Company search on the Department of Commerce’s website: http://gcis.nat.gov.tw/pub/cmpy/cmpyInfoListAction.do

Factory registration search: http://gcis.nat.gov.tw/Fidbweb/index.jsp

Q8. How should I go about submitting the required substantiating documents for trademark registration?

Please go to the Intellectual Property Office’s website and search for your registration data and print a copy of the screen (the image must show your registered trademark)

Trademark search: http://tmsearch.tipo.gov.tw/TIPO_DR/index.jsp

Q9: My company has a registered trademark both domestically and overseas. Do I have to submit all of them?

You only need to submit the substantiating documentations for your company’s registered trademark in Taiwan

Q10: Can I apply to take part in the selection process without a registered company trademark?

We are sorry but that would make you ineligible; please apply for your company’s trademark

Q10-1: What are the foreign/domestic certifications/verficiations available?

Different certifications are available for different industries, and you may submit either foreign or domestic certification (the page from the report that shows the result of certification). For example:

Certifications: such as ISO, UL
; Verification: TÜV Rheinland, SGS and so forth

Q11: Is certification/verification a requisite for the selection?

Yes, and any of the following will suffice:

Local/foreign certification/verification

  1. Product (including manufacturing material, parts for assembly) certification
  2. Company/manufacturing facility certification, such as ISO

Special circumstances that would not require certification:

  1. Products such as information software that do not require certification
  2. Products that do not require registration must be submitted together with relevant substantiating documentation issued by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspections

Q11-1: What certifications are applicable for PC software/cloud platform/mobile phone APP?

Those products do not require certification because no inspection certification exists for the manufacturing of information software

Q11-2: What should I do if neither my product or factory is certified/verified?
Alternatively, if the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspections has declared that my product does not require certification, how do I prove it?

Please contact the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspections and check if your product requires certification; be sure to provide the official response from the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspections or a photocopy of the response from the Bureau

Q12: For patents, do I have to submit the patent documentation in its entirety?

That will not be necessary; you only need to enclose the patent certificate in your application

Q13: Can I submit a healthcare supplement/medical equipment for the selection process if I have yet to obtain an approval for online advertising for the submitted entry?

It will not affect your eligibility as the aforementioned approval only matters for commercial promotion should it receive the award. If your entry were to be selected for the award and if you still do not have the aforementioned approval, your product will not appear in the product images hosted on the website. Only text descriptions and product features will be available

Special question 1: If I have a product that is manufactured by my company/factory but the trademark and logo belong to a partner company in a licensed agreement, can I still apply to take part in the selection?

If the license for the trademark is permanent and if your company is responsible for relevant marketing and promotion, yes. Please note that you will be required to submit a photocopy of the licensing agreement along with your submission.