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Have a COOL Summer with Taiwan Excellence Water Sports Equipment
Date published 2020-07-07

As the spread of COVID-19 slows down, countries are gradually easing their lockdowns. In the face of the hot summer days, Taiwan Excellence invites you to step out of your air-conditioned room and go outdoors for water sports activities. Let us burn calories and cool off together! Whether you are doing water sports on the sea, a river, a lake, or at an indoor swimming pool, it is important to overcome water resistance while maintaining your balance; hence it is crucial to consider the utility of the equipment you use. Therefore, Taiwan Excellence recommends to the water sports enthusiast three amazing products, which can meet their various needs.

I.          The world's only AI bone conduction waterproof headphones for listening to mp3: "hi Beker" (Happy Island)

Happy Island made a breakthrough in the design of the existing waterproof mp3 gadget and developed their "hi Beker waterproof mp3 player." The product adopts patented bone conduction technology, and won the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2019. "hi Beker," which weighs only 34 grams, can be used to listen to music without additional headphones. Water is used as the medium, and the sound is transmitted through bone conduction to create paths for mid to high treble and bass paths, which is similar to the principle behind surround sound. The effective transmission distance is up to 1 meter. You can swim freely while listening to music without worrying about disturbing others. It is called "the best sports partner for training alone."

Happy Island is a startup company focusing on sportswear technology. After their first generation of "hi Beker" mp3 players, it launched the second generation "Galerdo Beker Pro" earlier this year. This is the world’s first earphone-free game voice tracker with a built-in real-time voice-controlled cloud AI assistant specially designed for expert swimmers. Swimmers can use AI to record their current swimming data without wearing headphones or using a smartphone; and statistical data and relevant information is relayed to users in real time.

II.       "Pacific": The large field goggles specially designed for older users (SAEKO)

"Pacific Max Pro" which won the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2020, are swimming goggles designed for older people. They enable excellent peripheral vision with a 170-degree ultra-wide angle and a 35mm up and down mirror to increase the field of view vertically. Taking into consideration older users’ comfort, the ergonomic 3D eye mask and ultra-lightweight TPE eco-friendly material help to reduce pressure on the face. The eye mask comes with a patented 4-hole positioning side buckle, which allows people to easily adjust the length of the head strap. The product has also obtained the European BS5883:1996 safety certification.

Being a company founded on a passion for water sports, SAEKO has created countless pioneering products in Taiwan, including the first anti-fog swimming goggles and the first special anti-fog swimming goggles for near-sighted swimmers, as well as other representative products developed in Taiwan. The SAEKO R&D team includes professionals in ergonomics, material development, and product design. In recent years, it has continued to introduce the latest water sports technology in collaboration with government and academic research units. SAEKO sells its swimming goggles to 52 countries on five continents around the world. The company follows the international quality standard guidelines and continues to innovate its products. SAEKO is confident that "at least 25 million swimmers around the world have used SAEKO products."

III.   "Underwater hunting camouflage wetsuit and accessories" specially created for diving hunters (Aropec)

Underwater hunting, also known as spearfishing, is an extreme sport that even expert divers dare not try. Aropec, the Taiwanese professional diving brand, took two years to research the unique characteristics of the four oceans under different water temperatures in each season. It developed "Aropec spearfishing camouflage wetsuits and accessories" and won the 2020 Taiwan Excellence Award. It features realistic camouflage which mimics the real world underwater scene and comes in three different protective colors, allowing divers to choose a suitable suit for each specific sea area so that they can blend into their underwater surroundings.

More importantly, Aropec pays attention to every detail of the design to make the product more compression resistant, flexible, adaptable, comfortable and highly-functional to better meet the needs of hunting divers. For example, considering that hunting divers must stay in the water for a long time, in order to prevent a sudden drop in body temperature, the wetsuit should be between 1mm to 5 mm thick, therefore the  thickness of Aropec’s wetsuits can be adjusted according to each user's preference and the water conditions they will encounter. 3D imaging technology is used in the tailoring, so the suits fit users' body shapes perfectly to provide complete coverage and camouflage. The thickened anti-collision pad and wear-resistant cloth are also used on the chest, the front of the knees, and lower legs of the suit to achieve better protection and durability.

Aropec started out over 50 years ago as a company producing diving equipment. The company has high and professional standards in research and development, market research, design, manufacturing, and quality control. In recent years, it has also extended its product line from just diving suits to functional triathlon apparel, which has been sold to 86 countries in many different regions around the world.

More information can be found on the official Taiwan Excellence website: https://www.taiwanexcellence.org

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