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Living Younger and Happier with Taiwan Excellence by Your Side
Date published 2020-04-14

The advantages of Taiwan's medical and healthcare industry have been strongly demonstrated with the outbreak of COVID-19. Other than developing counter-measures against this current epidemic, “AGING”, a hidden crisis around the world. With increases in both income and longevity, each government and its people have been paying more attentions to the health issue. TAITRA President & CEO, Walter Yeh stated, “long-term healthcare has become an important issue, where the main consumer age group shifting to seniors from the young generation causing changes in economic structure and industrial development. Taiwan Excellence participates in diverse healthcare activities, not only in gaining recognition and showing goodwill toward Taiwan Excellence in targeted overseas markets, but also demonstrating Taiwan winning the No.1 ranking for Health Care Index 2020.

Targeting on such potential medical and healthcare business opportunities, Taiwan Excellence award winning products cover a wide variety of choices for healthcare, such as air purifiers, TECO offers Intelligent Air Quality and Air Conditioning Energy Management System in medical centers; premium assistive devices designed for the seniors such as Foldable Mobility Scooter from Merits and Carbon Fiber Wheelchair from Gigantex; foot-care products for diabetic patients, such as Medical Support Diabetes Foot’s Sock by Unite Creative Design and Wearable E-Massage Textiles that lifts muscle discomforts by Asiatic Fiber Corporation. In addition, Taiwan Excellence also offers products particularly designed to ease the workload for caregivers. APEX's Pro-care Turn, it is designed to rotate patients from their backs periodically for the caregivers to prevent bedsore.

According to the Department of Statistics Malaysia, 15% of the population will reach the age of 60 or older by 2030; and nearly one-sixth of the senior population requires assistance with feeding, toilet and shower assistance. Its neighboring country, Singapore, with just 5.83 million people, has already claimed the title “The Oldest country in ASEAN countries with life expectancy at 85 years of age. In order to target ASEAN senior market, Taiwanese Excellence will lead award-winning brands to join the ASEAN Senior Care & Wellness Expo (AGEXPO), which has recently been postponed from April to August 20th to 23th due to the current outbreak of COVID-19. For more information please visit https://www.agexpo.com.tw/

▲   2020 Taiwan Excellence Award-winning product:Gigantex ∕ Carbon Fiber Wheelchair


▲   2018 Taiwan Excellence Award-winning product:Opro9 ∕ Smart Diaper



Director of Strategic Marketing Department

Taiwan External Trade Department

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