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Global Views: Leadtek Improving the Health of Mankind
Date published 2020-10-19

From graphics cards to AI applications, from Industry 4.0 to smart medical health care, Leadtek engages in continuous innovation and R&D, establishing Leadtek and WinFast, two renown brands specializing in GPU (graphics processing unit) solutions and cloud services. As for the medical health care field, Leadtek developed its own brand - amor. Since 1997 to the present day, Leadtek has won the Taiwan Excellence Award 11 times through a diverse range of products, including the amor H1 ECG recorder, the amor H2 health band, and the amor physical and mental health management platform. Regarding the future, Leadtek will focus on AI and smart medical IoT, in hopes of improving and safeguarding the health of mankind.

Founded in 1986, Leadtek is a world renowned professional graphics card developer and manufacturer, specializing in the development of computer and smart medical products, with a wide range of products, including computer graphics cards, workstation graphics cards, AI soft/hardware solutions, and smart medical health care. Having devoted to the development of the medical health care world for over twenty years, it follows the aging demographics and is servicing the populace by taking advantage of biotech business opportunities such as remote care.

  • Quality Above All, Research and Innovation, Leading Technology

“Quality above all, research and innovation” has always been Leadtek’s business principle. When asked about the company’s core developments and innovations, Leadtek Chairman and President Lu Kun-Shan pointed out that “I myself started as a developer and intentionally put the word ‘RD’ into the logo when founding the company. The name ‘LEADTEK’ represents our goal of being technological leaders.” Leadtek focused on the production of graphics cards in its early stages of development but in 2000, started focusing on the healthcare industry by investing in Wegene Technologies Inc. and establishing its own healthcare medical brand – amor. The H2 plus medical-grade personal ECG recorder is its bestseller, and is capable of continuously recording daily health info while constantly monitoring the heartbeat of its wearer and provide a visual ECG graph, as well as generating data summaries when used in combination with an iPhone app.

“From doctors’ feedback, we know that patients with coronary artery illnesses or myocardial infarction has a mortality rate of around 10% during their hospital stays, with a mortality rate of 30% within one year of discharge. We can help at least 3 million people around the world with better care for cardiovascular disease-relate operations and better post-operation care. This isn’t just a business opportunity, but also an opportunity to do good,” emphasized Mr. Lu Kun-Shan.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a severe toll on the global economy. Leadtek has activated its own contingencies in the form of taking temperature, wearing masks and working on-the-go, with its sales benefitting from business opportunities such as zero-contact or WFH (work from home) policies. Examples include, the virtual desktop system Zero Client is a must for people working remotely, the increase of graphics card sales brought on by the demand raise for cloud services, and the rising popularity of blood oximeters abroad (a self-screening tool for the coronavirus).

  • Preparations for the Health Industry  Winning the Taiwan Excellence Award

Continuing the innovative spirit it has adopted since its founding, Leadtek products have on numerous occasions, won international awards such as the iF, Good Design or the Red Dot awards. In recent years, Leadtek began focusing on human body big data and AI value-adding programs, and made relevant preparations in breaking into the healthcare industry, such as constructing an ecosystem and its own platform. In the past two years, the amor H2 health band, the amor health management platform, in addition to its ground to cloud-based solutions have received approval and recognition from the Taiwan Excellence Award.

Mr. Lu Kun-Shan stated that “We won major international wards for many years and we’re honored to be awarded the Taiwan Excellence Award. We will continue to strive for brand innovation and excellence. As for the Taiwan Excellence Award, TAITRA has devoted a great deal of resource in marketing exposure. Winning the award means enhanced exposure, not only promoting the company’s image, but also acts as encouragement for our developers.”

  • Perceiving market trends with customer-oriented products

Having been a contender for the Taiwan Excellence Award, the Leadtek team has optimized its thinking with regards to soft/hardware integration, platform building, interface processes and user experience, with Leadtek Smart Medical Care Division Manager Kuan Kuo-Hung commenting “the source of our designs now takes greater consideration of our customers.” During the Taiwan Excellence preparation stage, the team’s ability to perceive market trends greatly improved, letting them better position their products and approach the needs of the users, as well as making the company’s new products more competitive. Now, “winning the Taiwan Excellence Award” has a joint OKR (Objectives and Key Results) Leadtek’s different departments.

Many international clients understand the significance and value of the Taiwan Excellence Award, which means winning the award is an endorsement to quality and capability. It is a testament to Leadtek’s high-quality, world-class MIT products. Mr. Kuan Kuo-Hung further explained that for this reason, Leadtek uses the Taiwan Excellence symbol on its official website, store pages, exposition promotions, official Facebook group, Youtube channel, packaging and catalogues. In addition, Leadtek actively participates in exhibitions, online promotions and virtual Taiwan Excellence Award exhibitions hosted by TAITRA; bringing about business opportunities and raising sales. In terms of the future, Leadtek plans to combine AI with Medical IoT, and continue to expand the amor Health Cloud platform, with membership open to domestic vendors planned at the end of this year. The goal is to integrate different companies to create an outstanding national smart medical team that can shine in the global stage. After relevant medical certifications have been acquired, overseas markets such as the U.S., China, India, Southeast Asia and Japan will become the targets of future development. Our vision is to provide comprehensive cloud services and products to protect the health of mankind.

This exclusive is provided by the “Taiwan Industry Image Enhancement Project”, delegated to Global Views. For the full article in Chinese, please see: https://www.gvm.com.tw/article/74975


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