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Taiwan Excellence Shines at WETEX 2023, Showcasing Innovative Solutions for Water and Energy Management
Date published 2023-11-22

Taiwan Excellence, known for its innovative and value-added products, made a significant impact with 10 outstanding Taiwanese companies at the 2023 Water, Energy, Technology, and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) in Dubai, held from November 15 to 17, 2023. The primary goal of Taiwan Excellence's participation in this event was to contribute to the Middle Eastern water and energy management market by showcasing high-quality Taiwanese products and technologies.

To introduce Taiwanese sustainable solutions to the Middle East, Taiwan Excellence makes its debut at WETEX. The Pavilion showcases 10 exhibitors offering premium sustainable solutions from Taiwan, including companies like FENRI, ROCKER, HCP PUMP, Fine-Tek, CTCI, ACUO, PlainLiv, LOF SOLAR, ICP DAS, and Sauberair. Within the Pavilion, Taiwan Excellence presents a diverse range of 18 high-quality Taiwanese products to Middle Eastern buyers, spanning IoT water management, water filtration, wastewater pumps, flowmeters, solar panels, power management, weather and air detection, and air purifiers.

On the first day of the exhibition, Taiwan Excellence hosted a “Building A Sustainable Future” product launch, offering participants and spectators the chance to discover Taiwan's top-notch technologies in water treatment, power management, and air purification. This event attracted a significant number of visitors and potential customers.

5 Taiwan Excellence Award winners share its latest products and solutions in the product launch: FENRI showcased an IoT-enabled water management system, Rocker introduced a space-saving lab water filter solution, CTCI presented integrated wastewater treatment solutions, ICP DAS showcased a real-time power data collection and backup management solution, and Sauberair unveiled an energy-efficient air purifier with a sleek design.

Giving a remark of the product launch, Director Fu-tai Wei of Taiwan Trade Centre, Dubai, highlighted the Middle East's growing emphasis on sustainability, with Dubai and the UAE leading the way in promoting water recycling, renewable energy, and reduced reliance on traditional sources to address water scarcity. Taiwan, known for its environmental technology leadership, has made significant advancements in water management, renewable energy, and emissions control, contributing to the region's green transformation and global sustainability goals.

Director Fu-tai Wei of Taiwan Trade Centre was joined by several VIPs including Ali Chai, Administration Manager of The Commercial Office of Taipei, Dubai, Abdulla Al Maeeni, CEO of Business Point Consultancy and former English first-class cricketer Sean Morris.

About Taiwan Excellence

The Taiwan Excellence Awards were established in 1993 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to recognize and celebrate the great achievements of Taiwan's most innovative companies. Each year, eligible candidates go through a rigorous selection process that assesses their products based on four important factors: research and development, design, quality, and marketing. A diverse group of experts carefully selects outstanding brands which excel in sustainability, design, research, and development, identifying exceptional products that embody innovation.

The Taiwan Excellence mark has gained global recognition as a prestigious symbol of quality and design, effectively showcasing Taiwan's impressive product innovation. For more information, please visit www.taiwanexcellence.org 

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