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Taiwan Medical Power Shields Up Against Global ‘EPIC-Demic’
Date published 2020-02-18

As the challenge of the NCP (Novel coronavirus pneumonia) strikes the world in 2020, forehead and infrared thermometers for detecting flu and colds have suddenly become the stars of the medical field. Their contactless detecting features prevent cross infection, making them suitable for use in hospitals, medical clinics, schools, customs areas, airports and other open public areas. High quality and accurate Taiwanese forehead thermometers showcase the achievements of Taiwan’s medical industry - a safe and reliable backup for the world.

The growth in sales of thermometers from Taiwan (including all thermometers and pyrometers) has steadily increased since 2015. In 2018, its output value reached $520 million NT with an export growth of 14.6%. Due to the recent NCP outbreak from China, procurement of all kinds of preventive equipment has boomed. Rubbing alcohol, disposable masks and ear/forehead thermometers have been in great demand, with supplies from many local and online platforms running short. Many manufacturers have experienced high demand for additional orders from  dozens of domestic and international partnering companies. The heat from this NCP outbreak reflects the indispensable role of ear/forehead thermometers in epidemic prevention systems, with exports expected to reach a record high this year.

Taiwan Excellence Award-winning enterprises AVITA Corporation and Microlife Corporation are both world renowned thermometer manufacturers possessing the key technologies of  ‘Precision & Accuracy’ and ‘Assured Measurement’as the guardians in epidemic prevention. The 2020 award-winning Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer, NC200 from Microlife features auto measurement with distance control. Measurements are automatically taken in under 3 seconds within 5cm from the forehead, with a guidance system self-indicating light on the back showing the user when the device is at the right distance for perfect measurement. Microlife is devoted to helping people care for their health and in creating awareness and confidence in Taiwan’s medical industry on the world stage.

With the NCP outbreak spreading across the world this year, Taiwan Excellence, with its award-winning enterprises, is holding ground and setting a safe perimeter of protection for the world. Enterprises from Taiwan, with their outstanding innovations and latest technologies, are able to incorporate Bluetooth into ear/forehead thermometers. Through connecting to smartphones and APPs, uploading data to the cloud could provide a detailed reference for all users.

Taiwan Excellence values and respects all industries from Taiwan. We are inviting medical award-winning enterprises to participate in international exhibitions such as AGEXPO-Malaysia and IDEM-Singapore in April, AACC-USA in July, and MEDICA in Germany. More business opportunities are to be established through these great exchanges and collaborations.




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