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Taiwan's IoT Industry is seizing Digital Transformation Opportunities in global industry
Date published 2020-03-26

Digital transformation is sweeping global industry and becoming the hottest global trend. The era of Artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) is upon us. With 5G finally here, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) have heralded a range of innovative smart applications. Thankfully, Taiwanese enterprises have considerable manufacturing experience and control strong technologies to exploit these opportunities to their fullest. Over time, they have developed high-quality system integrations (SI) in a wide variety of fields, such as education and learning, healthcare, transportation, smart living, as well as government and public services. 2020, hailed as the first year of 5G, has added AIoT muscle to upgrade Taiwanese industry and become the key component in the development of system integration businesses. The novel coronavirus outbreak may be damaging vast sections of the world economy, but Taiwan has been able to tackle it effectively with its preventive efforts. Despite our proximity to China, the COVID-19 outbreak in Taiwan is still currently under control, making it a role model for the whole world to learn from. This leaves Taiwan well-positioned to weather the economic storm and look boldly to the future.

IDC, an international research and investigation institution, has forecast that global business opportunities derived from AIoT will reach US$1 trillion in 2020. Taiwan will play a key role in the semiconductors industry, which is at the heart of the information technology industry, with its comprehensive solutions to system integration. Taiwan's sterling reputation for manufacturing top-quality technology products means that we are trusted around the world, which creates a significant competitive advantage for us.

To further strengthen Taiwanese industry, the government has put in place a number of demonstration sites across the country for smart applications, including smart cities, smart manufacturing, smart street lights, energy management, healthcare, and smart agriculture. A prime example of our proficiency in smart technology is MiTAC Information. This Taiwanese enterprise introduced the E-Gate airport immigration system in the Philippines and is exploring opportunities to replicate its success in other Southeast Asian countries.

Further proof lies in Taiwan's Excellence Award-Winning Brand: Advantech's AMAX-5000 series of industrial IoT controllers: the smallest communication interface design in the Core i class industry. It is Advantech's core platform not only for software and hardware integration solutions, but also for software integration with third parties, making it easier for equipment suppliers to develop smart applications for Industrial IoT applications. IEI Integration is ahead of the curve in knowing that the smart medical market will be key in coming years. Its smart medical vehicle system solutions have already penetrated both domestic and foreign supply chains. It manages important patient information using big data and its solutions have been widely implemented by smart hospitals across the globe. More evidence of Taiwan’s expertise in this field is provided by Energy Management System’s (EMS’s) IoT-based smart water meters. The company has revolutionized Taipei City and the Matsu Islands with its visionary smart water network programs and has successfully expanded its business internationally to countries including India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Taiwan Excellence is proud to be showcasing the strengths and intra- and cross-industry integration capabilities of its Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry; it will participate in Taiwan Expo 2020 in India, COMPUTEX 2020, and IFA Berlin to further develop in the global smart city market.

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Taiwan is committed to helping safeguard global public health.

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