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Taiwan shares its epidemic prevention experience with the world
Date published 2020-04-01

In the constantly developing global economy, industries change rapidly in line with shifts in politics, society, population, and family structure. Nothing is certain anymore. Just one singular event can alter the direction of worldwide industrial development, for better or worse. For example, the 2002-2003 SARS outbreak cost the global economy US$40 billion, and the ongoing COVID-19 will result in vastly greater losses. These two events show that, even in the 21st century, pandemics may be the biggest threat to the human race. Therefore, the demand for biomedical equipment and products related to healthcare and epidemic prevention has never been greater or of more importance.

In the face of this unprecedented pandemic Taiwan has, unlike many larger countries, responded calmly and rationally. We, a relatively small island, have become a template that the world follows. In addition to our strong foundation in manufacturing, the ability to swiftly produce masks and protective gowns for epidemic prevention has given our advanced medical system the best possible support. Taiwan began developing smart healthcare early on, using advanced network and communication technologies to collect healthcare information. We were ahead of the curve in realizing how vital the digitalization of hospital medical affairs, and even information exchange between different medical institutions, is. Whereas some countries in crisis face the potential collapse of the medical system due to an epidemic, data analytics protect Taiwan's medical institutions by allowing them to more efficiently deploy manpower and resources. The National Health Insurance system is a comprehensive database of national health and, during an epidemic, it can quickly link personal entry and exit data to target the path of infection and prevent it from spreading.

Taiwan Excellence has witnessed the development and evolution of smart healthcare. Many outstanding winners emerged in this category in 2020, including Leadtek Research's “amor physical and mental health management platform”, which uses smart wearable devices for telemedicine to monitor patients with cardiovascular diseases. To cite other examples, IEI's smart mobile nursing solution creatively utilizes the Intel AMT remote control function for central management of hospitals’ mobile nursing information; while the health evaluation and exercise enhancement system of Netown Corporation uses an AI system for intelligent analysis of physical data so that doctors can provide more accurate diagnoses. Last, but not least, Bionime Corporation's “Rightest Precision Healthcare Ecosystem” allows users to collect and analyze all their electronic health data through an auto coding mechanism, and turn it into personalized charts for health management planning. The innovative application of ICT in the field of healthcare is proudly acknowledged and rewarded by Taiwan Excellence.

An urgent new direction has emerged for the world’s healthcare industry due to the current global pandemic. In addition to epidemic prevention materials, smart healthcare, and remote technology that reduces the need for physical contact with patients, AI and big data applications, that focus on information collection and analysis, are guaranteed to become more and more vital in the future. Medical Taiwan 2020(the second half), organized by TAITRA, will showcase Taiwan's achievements in biomedical equipment and our contributions to a better, brighter and healthier future for all. More than 170 medical devices, healthcare products, senior care and smart healthcare solutions will be exhibited to herald a new age of post-epidemic recovery in Taiwan's medical industry. Taiwan Excellence will invite the representatives of medical institutions and the media from the US, Germany, Japan, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia to visit Taiwan for the exhibition. At a time when future epidemic prevention is the greatest priority globally, Taiwan Excellence will demonstrate the great strengths of Taiwan's healthcare industry, and allow Taiwan's medical institutions and healthcare equipment suppliers to share Taiwan's successful experience with the world.




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