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JBT-EM Trunnion Type Metal Seat Ball Valve
Jenis industri:Produktivitas dan energi
Kode produk:2" 150LB
award 3

Penelitian dan Pengembangan (R&D) dan inovasi nilai:
Perusahaan JDV fokus dalam R&D pelapisan thermal spray High Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF) dan mencapai teknologi teratas deposisi uap kimia (Chemical Vapor Deposition/CVD).
JDV berhasil membuat titanium alloy titanium oxide hard seal coating pertama yang sangat tahan korosi.
Dengan desain struktur penyegelan poros (shaft seal) Clean-in-Place (CIP) katup hidrolik (hydraulic valve), sistem perhitungan pemilihan parameter katup kontrol (parameter selection and calculation system of the control valve) dan desain katup hidrolik yang nyaman dan aman, JDV telah memperoleh utility patent Jerman DE202013105338U dan DE202014105683U. Selain itu, katup JDV telah lulus standar uji ketahanan api API 607 dan ISO-10497.

JDV mempunyai lebih dari 40 layanan lokal di seluruh dunia untuk memberikan pelayanan tepat waktu dan banyak mendapatkan kepercayaan pelanggan seperti dari perusahaan CSC, CNPC, FPG, TSCM, CTCI, China Sinopec, Petro China, Hitachi dan Kao Jepang, YFY, CNOOC, Shenhua, National Power, Singapore’s Water Authority, Micron, Shell, Total, BP, BASF , DOW, Bayer, Roche, Linde, Novartis, Nestle, Syngenta dan Bouble A, dll. JDV menganggarkan lebih dari 10 juta Taiwan Dollar (TWD) untuk penelitian dan pengembangan teknologi baru. Selain itu, JDV juga berkomitmen untuk mempromosikan merek JDV di seluruh dunia.


JDV Control Valves was set up in 1975 and current invested capital is NTD 272.4 million. JDV is the only one control valve manufacturer in Taiwan who insists 100% made in Taiwan, this allows JDV to have good reputation in both domestic and overseas markets by self-owned brand in the fields of petrochemical, oil refinery, steel refinery, mining, power plant, water treatment, and solar energy industries. Under the global issue of environmental pollution, JDV develops products to be used in severe conditions -196~800 Deg C, up to 2500LB pressure rating and at the same time to satisfy the environmental protection regulations. Combining the beauty element to product design and the advanced technique of H.V.O.F coating, JDV is actively and intensely engaged in providing customer service and brand promotion. This makes JDV unique and enables to create their blue sea. With the effort of each JDV staff, JDV has become the pattern of Taiwanese small and medium-sized enterprises in the fields.

Mr. Shun-Tien Fan, the founder of JDV, always threw all his time and energy into work, never gave up, with strong technical background,etc. These features deeply influence the brand culture of JDV. JDV develops the only one high velocity oxygen fuel coating equipment with special features in the whole world, manufacturing wear resistant and longer lifetime products. JDV also gets variety certificates from international third-party to maintain JDV own strengths of product features and quality. JDV providing customized solutions. Meanwhile, expresses our passion and integrity towards every customer. We wants to do is eliminate their problems and let each system/process works more smoothly. Delivering the customer perceived value is JDV’s sense of purpose. JDV products has already involved environmental designs, low emission & longer product lifetime, etc. to reduce the unpredictable injuries and prevent the accidents.

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