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EZYPRO Arrhythmia Detection Solution
Jenis industri:Alat kesehatan dan presisi
Kode produk:UG01
Sigknow Biomedical Corporate Limited
award 3

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Innovation is the key, but not the goal. Sigknow is one step further than innovation, we are committed to creating improved diagnostic experiences with the use of innovative technology. By staying close to clinical need and customer’s feedback, we KNOW how to innovate. Sigknow has two major divisions. One is the EZYPRO group that provides integrated arrhythmia diagnostic solution, encompassing ECG hardware, AI-empowered analysis software, and professional ECG analysis team. Our integrated solution has been proven to increase arrhythmia diagnostic yield 3-5times compared to 24-hr Holter. Another is the in vitro diagnostic reagent group that focuses on the development of fecal occult blood test (FOBT) kit, the latest product JustWipe is a tissue based FOBT where fecal are collected through a simple wipe, giving the users a convenient and quality test experience.

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