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Edge AI Fanless Embedded Industrial Controller
Jenis industri:Komputer dan Software
Kode produk:BOXER-6842M
AAEON Technology Inc.
award 3

Perangkat AI Edge Box PC - BOXER-6842M dirancang untuk embedded computer yang menghadirkan kinerja tinggi standar industri dengan desain yang kokoh. Performa maksimum dihadirkan dengan prosesor Intel Core i3/i5/i7/i9 Generasi ke-8 dan ke-9 dan prosesor Xeon, dikombinasikan dengan dukungan kapasitas memori hingga 128 GB, slot penyimpanan M.2 NVMe support PCI-E x4 dan kartu grafis kelas atas seperti NVIDIA 2080Ti atau 2080 Super. Dengan keahlian AAEON dalam desain industri yang kokoh, BOXER-6842M memiliki fitur perlindungan untuk over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, over-temperature, short-circuit dan reverse-voltage. Desain termal yang inovatif memungkinkan pengoperasian pada suhu dari -20 hingga 65 derajat celsius. BOXER-6842M juga memiliki fitur desain yang ramah pengguna dengan semua fitur port I/O ditempatkan di bagian depan untuk memudahkan pemeliharaan dan pemasangan koneksi yang diperlukan. Box PC ini juga memiliki hard drive SATA drive-bay yang dapat dibuka dengan satu sekrup.

Tentang kami AAEON Technology Inc.

AAEON is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of professional intelligent IoT solutions. Committed to innovative engineering, AAEON provides reliable and high quality computing platforms, including Embedded boards and systems, rugged tablets, network appliances and integrated solutions. AAEON provides services for premier OEM/ODMs and SI. Our products are designed in our own labs and manufactured on our own production lines in Taiwan and China, which allows us with fully control of our products to provide our customers with the best product in terms of quality and competitive price. With the partnership with ASUS in 2011, by leveraging advanced technology and resources of each other, AAEON has further strengthened its leadership and will continuously pursue innovation and excellence in the IoT world.

With the spirit of continuous self-challenge, AAEON’s founder Mr. YS Chuang, one of the co-chairmen of Advantech, single-handedly built AAEON in 1992. AAEON has become Taiwan's first OTC companies amongst industrial computer industry. And in this year of 2016 AAEON will embrace its 25th birthday. AAEON started its business with the OEM production at the very beginning, and successfully cut into the field of industrial automation, and started to fully engage itself into the board computer market. Since 2000, AAEON has built up a globally-complete hub of R&D, production and sale step by step, successfully integrating the upstream and downstream industries, and has become a professional manufacturer of board computer and industrial systems.

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