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VOUGE Massage Chair
Jenis industri:Gaya hidup
Kode produk:TC-675 (Orange)
Tokuyo Biotech Co., Ltd.
award 3

Bahan PVC yang tahan lama untuk kelas otomotif yang mewah.
Teknik pijat yang tenang, pemijatan telapak tangan yang unik, pemijatan pinggul LS

Tentang kami Tokuyo Biotech Co., Ltd.

Tokuyo Biotech Co.,Ltd. found in 2001, which is known for a professional provider of massage products.<br /><br />Our products are not only in sports field,but also in massage product's designing,developing,<br /><br />manufacturing and sales. Tokuyo leads the industry in finest level of excellent workmanship. MIT assembly<br /><br />center effectively manages and controls in-house dveloped machine core,components,circuit board and remote<br /><br />control as well as other precision products to ensure stable quality and safety.<br /><br /><br />Tokuyo follows the principle of"Quality is the Core Value of an Enterprise".<br /><br />We would like to provide top quality products and let everybody enjoy the life of best massage experience.<br /><br />We would also like to establish a long term business relationship with our partners in the world.<br /><br />Welcome to Tokuyo shops around and experience the brand new massage style.<br />


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