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Smart Cellular Shade Top Down Bottom up Type
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:BT-M06
award 3

The product is designed with no cords to fully protect children and pets at home. The unique cellular structure can store air in the hollow layer, with constant temperature, heat insulation and sound absorption up to 30%. Effective sun protection and UV protection, reduce the use of air conditioners, save electricity, fully save energy and reduce carbon.
Light weight and small size, the volume is reduced to very small after folding, the height of 250cm is only 15cm, and the weight is the lightest among all curtains.
Electronic positioning sets the upper and lower limits, accurate and reliable, and active protection.
According to customer needs, different fabrics can be changed to present a variety of interior design styles.



Bintronic Enterprise Co., Ltd. Industry leader of Smart Curtains & Blinds


Bintronic was founded in 1989 , dedicated to developing on smart home products over 30 years experience.
Since accessing to the home automation market, we have been engaged in the manufacture and production of electric roller door remote controls. So far, we have combined intelligent curtains with chasing daylight systems,and developed an automatic remote control system that links all brands of home products,enabling the home, office, or commercial sites to be smart and efficient, together with the latest smartphone APP under the domination of user . In the future,Bintronic will lead the innovation of curtain technology and continue to produce exclusive electric curtain boutique made in Taiwan.

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