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Smart Monitoring System - Adapting to i4.0 Machine Tool
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:ART System
Buffalo Machinery Co., Ltd.
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With real-time monitoring technology, the System allows users easy access the synchronized machine data and production process with mobile devices worldwide. 3 core functions:

1. Predictive maintenance, it conveys the signal notice prior to machine failure and connection to intelligent ERP system for restocking or maintenance scheduling. This allows the machine always ready to work without unexpected downtime.

2. Manufacturing process, the real-time monitoring the machine status with data collection and analysis to allow organizing the production schedule proficiency. The sales can always check with the mobility devices for production information at anytime and any location and provide customer immediately feedback to confirm the order without delay which can always create a better business profit to the organization.

3. Energy management, based on ISO 14955 standard, the system observes the machine energy consumption and usage condition to optimize the energy efficiency.


About Buffalo Machinery Co., Ltd.

BUFFALO MACHINERY was founded in 1979, specializes in metalworking machine manufacturer. With its own-brand—MICROCUT THE CHALLENGER, Buffalo offers a complete product line suitable for various industries. Through continuous innovation to enhance the accuracy and reliability of the machine, Buffalo successfully launches highly applicable high-end products, including high speed and 5-axis machining centers, and large horizontal boring machine which are applied with exclusive patent application—SMART MACHINING TECHNOLOGY to optimize machine performance. To create sustainable business, Buffalo sets roots in Taiwan, actively training talent and take Europe and America as the core market while expanding globally. The establishment of Europe warehouse in 2015 aims to support European distributors by shorter the delivery time and provide quality services. Buffalo successively creates advantages to achieve the vision of being Taiwa's major high-end metalworking machine provider.


In 1979 the founder Paul Chang took the brand of company BUFFALO to highlight the strong and powerful metalworking machine and accessed into the US market. Few years later, due to the quota control on importing Taiwan metalworking machine by US Government, Buffalo decided to open up the European market. BUFFALO the image of strong and powerful does not meet European expectation, so Buffalo initiated a new brand MICROCUT with image of precision cutting in 1983. For nearly 20 years’ experience in metalworking machines market, Buffalo decided to be a manufacturer in 1997 and adopted CHALLENGER as the name of its machine. Buffalo strives to acquire the high-end machine market by providing Smart Machining Technology to optimize machine performance. In 2012 the debut of MICROCUT THE CHALLENGER represents the high-end model which symbolic of product quality and innovation. From BUFFALO to MICROCUT THE CHALLENGER, Buffalo puts a high premium on enhancing technology and brand identification.

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