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SINGTEX S.LEISURE green elastic sports outerwear
Industry type:Fashion
Product model number:SK-1088 C0
SINGTEX Industrial CO., Ltd.
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SINGTEX S.LEISURE green elastic sports outerwear made with a green process with lower carbon footprint with recyclable elastic fabric, saves up to 20% of energy. S.LEISURE fabric is elastic, giving comfort and retaining shape in wearing. It’s also UV proof and durable. The application of a fluoride-free water repellant agent makes it fit for rainy and sunny days. These outstanding features of the outerwear are perfect for sports, leisure, and training.
SINGTEX S.LEISURE green elastic sports outerwear is designed with a thumb hole to keep the sleeves from slipping up when wearing. The upper part of the right sleeve is designed with a hidden zip pocket for housing small items while active. The slim-fit design and cut allows for a good fit to the body. The reflective decorations on the front pockets and the back side are designed for safety concerns. The air permeable design is congruent with ergonometric requirements that give extra comfort and flexibility in cycling.


About SINGTEX Industrial CO., Ltd.

Since singtex company was founded in 1989, it has been engaged in developing the high-value-add functional fabrics with high-degree science know-how. A group of the meaning members with professional expertise and passion under the leadership of the general manager, Mr. Jason Chen, base on SINGTEX, six benchmarks: Passion, Sincerity, Innovation , Service ,Quality and Feedback, provide the functional fabrics to many worldwide famous sportswear brand.


The "S.Café ® high technology fabric" has "odor control" capability, along with the "quick-drying" and "UV protection" excellent performance. More importantly, through the "special super critical extraction" process, S.Café ® reuses wasted coffee grounds, transforming it to yarn and fabrics. The implementation of this patented technology is a big step for environmental protection.

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