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Intelligent Super Toilet
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:AFC290
award 3

● Automatic identification of men and women:
Automatic cover with infrared sensor. (60~120CM distance can be adjusted)
** Pursuit of cleanliness and hygiene: no need to cover and squat with your hands.
●Automatic identification of large and small numbers:
The length of sitting time, automatically distinguish between large and small flushes. (Large 4.8L / Small 3L)
●Activated carbon automatic deodorization
●6/9 hours timed power saving
●24 hours automatic power off
●Fashion Art Conservation - Mastering Nordic Design Combines Luxury Yachts with Italian Luxury Shoes
Beauty curve sculpture in products
●The crystallization of wisdom technology - the application of high-tech automation intimate features, so that you have a meticulous enjoyment
●Nano glaze health - Nano technology glazed anti-fouling, clean and easy to maintain
●Can be safe and environmentally friendly - warm water rinse can prevent hemorrhoids, reduce paper use to avoid forest felling



HCG is a multinational company that provides quality bathroom fixtures. This 88 year old company was founded by Mr. Hocheng Chiu in Taiwan in 1931. HCG has always been inspired by the spirit of excellence and is committed to provide quality products with the seamless marriage of design and functionality. Noting its quality, prestigious international and local standards have confidently approved HCG products. Now, HCG has become one of the top 7 bathroom product brands in the world. HCG’s position in the international market was achieved through product satisfaction, strong business partnerships and dedicated customer service. HCG exports to more than 20 countries in Asia, Middle East, US and Europe to develop a strong and stable export market. As a solution provider of delicate bathroom and kitchen fixtures, HCG is devoted to continuously creating perfect bathroom solutions and providing the best quality service.


HCG believes that every bathroom fixture it creates has an 85-year-old story of excellence and timeless craftsmanship. Since its inception in Taiwan in 1931, the legacy of Hocheng Chiu has always inspired HCG to innovate products with sophisticated design and excellent functionality. HCG's unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction over the years made it a trusted brand of the 21st century. As the demand for HCG grew exponentially not just in Mainland China (HCC) but across the globe, Hocheng Philippines Corporation (HPC) was established in 1995.

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