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Intelligent marketing display fridge for unmanned store
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:TFS-3230B
LeadWell Optical Co., Ltd.
award 3

1.Future retail fields require LWO’s Transparent LCD Fridge as a visual platform to interact with customers. Precise marketing and self-promotion are achieved while identified customers interact with customized QR codes displayed from the fridge.

2.Customers have been aware of brand value of advertisers while their attention been drawn to visual effects of transparent videos superimposed on real goods in the fridge.

3.The fridge can display different advertisements at different time, including: brand introduction, sales promotion, customized marketing, therefore many papers and working hours are saved.

4.The fridge adopts LWO’s self-developed patented technologies to maximize the visible area. Normal LCD displays have fixed aspect ratio which limits the visible area when applied to a fridge.

5.The fridge adopts new generation of lighting design, and customer can see both transparent videos and real goods better and clear.

About LeadWell Optical Co., Ltd.

LWO Technology was founded in 2009 and focused on LCD display solutions for industrial applications. Our commitment is to design and manufacture aesthetic display products, and so contribute to enhance daily life's visual performance. <br />LWO range of products includes Bar Type Displays, Transparent Displays, Medical Displays, Professional Displays ODM/OEM, and Open Frames. The main applications for those products are: Public Transportation, Military, Marine, Digital Signage, Gaming, ATM's, Kiosk, Ticketing, Public Information, Industrial Machinery, Outdoor Display welcome board, etc.<br />With efficient Collaborative Supply Chain Integration and strong In-House Capabilities, LWO provide high quality customized solutions. Expertise in Open Cell cutting; LCD backlight systems; EE and FW design; Thermal Optical; back light assembly; LCM assembly; Open Frame Assembly; Touch Screen integration; Medical calibration; High Brightness enhancements; etc. <br />


LWO was established in 2009. LWO successfully developed patented Stretched Display and Transparent Display in only two years by using New Business Model and resources of LBC group. LWO produced Medical Display for OEM orders in 2013.