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Optical Multispectral Endoscope Camera Video System
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:V70
Adronic Instrument Manufacture Co., Ltd.
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About Adronic Instrument Manufacture Co., Ltd.

The former background of Adronic was started from mold making factory in 1987. It took constant reformation and adjustment, at the beginning of 2008, Adronic was engaged in the design of inspection instrument and fabrication, formally established company named Adronic Instrument Manufacture Co., Ltd. in 2011 .Unique design, state of art, human-friendly, better quality of image makes the user being able to clearly see what the problem comes from, while saving the money and time of unnecessary disassembly and reconstruction.With our wide range instrument covers from Medical and industrial, we're sure to meet various special requirement and customization services.Base on our mould manufacture background, we have absolute predominance to produce quick and high quality inspection instrument in which offering costless and in return back to our customers. We owned over 20 different patents in Taiwan、China、the United States and Europe.


Adronic Instrument Manufacture Co., Ltd created the brand as Adronic Endoscope. Adronic Endoscope originated in Germany, it inherited Germany perfect technology and quality. In 1997, Adronic was authorized by Russian military intervention secretly to research and develop the world’s first aviation inspection scope for MiG aircraft. Because the special aviation endoscope has been used by military in secret, its brand awareness did not recognized by many people. Until 2008, the MiG senior R&D engineer finally retired, it was allowed to public. Based on Taiwan endoscope technology and the cooperation with Germany, Adronic Endoscope continually research and develop the high quality endoscope system to feet various inspection purpose. The application contains medical (Human and Veterinary) and industrial (aircraft, automotive, military, shipbuilding, petrochemical, machinery etc.) inspection.

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