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Toaster grill
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:TOT-F1207A
award 3

Reduced house sizes and home cooking health trends have promoted this toaster grill. The lid can lift to a flat 180-degree opening. Fitted with upper and lower heating tubes, a grill tray and rack. The toaster grill serves as a regular oven when the lid is closed and as a steam-grill when the bottom tray is filled with water. When the water is boiled, the steam will fill up the entire device for a better flavor. The upper lid can be semi-opened to 105 degrees, convenient for one to lay in the food.

Other features include the slanted dashboard and operation panel, plus activated carbon filter foam to avoid fumes and odors. Its non-stick grill rack and tray are easy to clean. The bottom tray for water/grease collection is easy to retrieve for cleaning. The exterior dual-layered heat-resistant plastic casing will keep the heat source retained inside to avoid energy waste. Its temperature sensor will deactivate the power source, when overheated, to ensure a safe use of the device.



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