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Taiwan New Products Launch @ Outdoor Retailer Summer Show 2018

Event schedule:2018-07-23 ~ 2018-07-23

Venue:Colorado Convention Center 700 14th St|COLORADO CONVENTION CENTER | MEETING ROOM 303 |

Event overview

Join us as we showcase Taiwan's latest eco-textiles and designs at the 2018 Outdoor Retailer Show. Topics include environmentally friendly fabrics and new trends including:

  • Evaporative cooling and thermo regulation of wool blends
  • Industry reduction of carbon footprint by choosing the right fabric
  • Sustainable natural-fiber blended fabric collections
  • New texturizing process that gives yarn a comfortable stretch allowing easy movement

Presenters include: Evertex Fabrinology, SINGTEX®, Tex-Ray Industrial and Toung Loong Textile MFG.