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Drill Bit Sharpener
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:M-12-LSB
Sharp One Co. Ltd
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Sharp One created new & patented drill bit sharpeners.
1. Innovative Tool Edge Positioning
Our chuck set and tool positioner can easily and precisely align the tool edge with the lens of the positioner for any thin or thick bits.
The tool edge positioner with lens, makes the positioning far easier to see. With 15 x Loupe, it can help overcome poor sight to position the tool edge perfectly.
2. Innovative Multi-Function
By replacing diamond wheels, our M-12-LSB can sharpen, twist bits, center bits, handle 90°&120°NC spotting bits, 3 facet bits, SG 7572P bits, 90° 2 facet NC spotting bits and sheet metal bits.
3. Friendly After Sales Service
End users can repair the machine using only a wrench. We send users repair kits. After repair, the precision remains the same with no need to send the machine back to us for the correction accuracy.
4. Better Sharpening Results
The sharpening is face-to-face grinding. The secondary relief goes down and not up which is much better for drilling quality.


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About Sharp One Co. Ltd

Sharp One Co. Ltd, has a team of dedicated engineers with more than 10 years’ experience in designing, development, manufacturing and marketing of drill bit grinding machines.

We studied end users requirements from around the world and the advantages and disadvantages of each brand to develop our own state of the art multi-purpose drill bit sharpening machine.

Sharp One Co. Ltd has obtained various country patents and safety requirements. From our extensive market research, our design engineers have identified the importance of using high-precision quality production parts and the standardization of key components, making it easy for either the end user or our dealers around the world for the interchangeability of parts right up to the replacement of motors, ensuring your M series drill bit grinder is ready for use at all times with the highest of quality, saving you the customer time and money


Sharp One is our English company name and our brand as well. One drill bit and on end mill are well ground. The good finishing can be described accurate and “Sharp” in the metal industry. We believe that our drill bit sharpener and end mill sharpener can be “Sharp “ and top “One” in all kinds of manual portable tool sharpeners. We have concentrated in developing, searching, manufacturing, sales and service of such kind of machines for several years. Producing a good machine and keeping good quality is our pleasure. We believe that we developed one machine with friendly operation, friendly to the environment and affordable machine price in the industry. “Sharp One” end mill sharpener, M-26-AB, was born from this passion, team work and persistence.

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