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Cycle Boxer
Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:CB11
Strength Master Fitness Tech Co., Ltd.
award 2

Cycle Boxer is a groundbreaking product, combining boxing and pedaling. It is the first and only workout that delivers the all-new revolutionary total immersion fitness. Durable design and fine color matching, Cycle Boxer will lead the greatest trend you’ll ever find.
It provides a great experience for those who love fun, brain storming and challenges. We don't just sell products, but fashion and lifestyle. Through KOL marketing and social media, we are targeting young, early adopters with a strong self-image and body. White collar people who love sharing their life and are afraid to be behind the trends will love Cycle Boxer. While our APP helps customer relationship management and provides a bonus system to users.
It’s the most fun, intense, and engaging workout you’ll ever do - that’s total immersion fitness! Just 3 minutes to get fit, ripped and blast away mental and physical stress! From our workout look, feel and think your best in every area of your life.


About Strength Master Fitness Tech Co., Ltd.

Strength Master focuses on creating a healthy and a new attitude on life. We are devoted to changing people’s conventional perception that fitness equipment is only for managing figures. To face the new lifestyle and technology-friendly future, we will continue innovating, interacting with customers and work on becoming smarter. Our target is to help people effectively implement good exercise habits, and provide more diligent care. Strength Master holds the spirit of “i-Style, i Sport, i-Smart” to serve customers. We are your smart health partner!


In 2001,LifeSpan introduced a line of fitness equipment that targeted the 55+ health conscious consumer.The line was globally recognized for its award winning exercise equipment for the home,rehabilitation and fitness center use.We’ve expanded our product line from the home-use to include the gym,office and partnering with the Fitness Forever exercise program.This partnership provides us with proven competency in developing medically based exercise programs and an in-depth understanding of the medical fitness market.LifeSpan continues to create advanced product solutions to different lifestyles.We are committed and passionate about delivering products and services worldwide to people focused on living a long and healthy life.We don’t limit our thinking to the traditional definition of exercise equipment either.We believe that supporting an active lifestyle means providing products that work indoors,outdoors,at home,in the office or in the gym.