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UP!Standing Desk
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:DI-
Aurora Corporation
award 3

UP! This lifting desk is designed to achieve a large load-bearing weight. The design style is clean and simple with the choice of materials and the surface treatment process are emphasized. The intelligent lifting control adjusts the height of the table to meet the switching of the working posture, the height can be adjusted via the digital display and the multiple heights can be achieved conveniently and quickly.
A variety of peripheral configurations allow users to experience a healthier and more efficient way of working such as the use of an advanced silent motor drive to create a quiet working environment and semi-enclosed design of PET screen can also effectively block out noise.
Systematic ergonomic accessories, including storage, rest pads, PC hangers, etc., make a healthy work posture more achievable.


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About Aurora Corporation

The AURORA Group was established in Taiwan in 1965. The meaning of the group’s name in Chinese is "the sun rising from the east", while the English name AURORA means "dawn’s light". Both symbolize light and hope. AURORA Group began by selling office time clocks, its business areas covered Taiwan, mainland China and many countries around the world, and business scope involve Office Automation equipment, Office furniture, communications, and electronics. Its efforts have led it to become the leading brand of the Office Automation industry in the Chinese-speaking market. The aim of the AURORA Group is to create the ideal office environment. With more than 50 years of practical experience and more than 1,500 direct and distribution channels across Taiwan and China, AURORA provides customers with comprehensive service. There are five business units in Taiwan: AURORA Office Automation, AURORA Corporation Furniture, AURORA 3D, AURORA Cloud and AURORA Telecom corp.


Aware of the value of branding to corporate management, the AURORA Group launched its corporate logo as early as 1970 and introduced its corporate identification system (CIS) in 1985. After years of business development and brand management, the AURORA Group’s CI has once again evolved in 2012 – the Chinese characters of "震旦"will be the focus of the image, supplemented by the English word "AURORA" The font of the Chinese characters is now broader, more elegant and rounded. The upper portion of the character "震" resembles a smiling face and it represents the enthusiasm and joy that we show in our day to day work. The lower portion of the character symbolizes the steady strides we take as we move forward. With the smiling CIS logo, we aim to express the enthusiastic and friendly service attitude and quality that customers can expect at every AURORA retail store.

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