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Residence Elevator
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:DRP/VRP
award 3

LIWIN's Residential Elevator has a 10-year national patent. This product effectively reduces the installation space and maximizes the efficiency of the cabin space. The door not only can be up to 100 cm in width and is suitable for all kinds of residences, but it's also equipped with a high-efficiency dedicated control system of microcomputer technology, giving it the most energy-efficient and comfortable running quality. With the technology of this elevator, the company is leading the industry, challenging the highest standards in the industry with continuous research, continuous innovation. We are providing consumers with the safest elevators as well as the most comfortable and the most beautiful ride. The elevator's safety is fully compliant with Taiwan's CNS regulations, and many years ago, Liwin obtained three international certifications such as ISO-9001, 14001 and OHSAS-18001, too. Overall, this is the most exquisite, safest and highest quality residential elevator on the market.



LIWIN Company, established in 1981, makes efforts in researching, developing, programming, designing, manufacturing, installing, maintenance, and repairing in Residential Elevator, Business Elevator, Cargo Elevator, Clean-Room Carrying Equipment, Escalator, and Stairlift.

LIWIN creates the central value of products in differentiation and internationalization, developing our own brand “LIWIN” to promote in both domestic and foreign market, such as Philippine, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Guinea and so on.

Besides, LIWIN won 2009 TAIWAN EXCELLENCE AWARD because of its elegant design, convenience, and safety device.