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Multi-Rehab Function Power Wheelchair
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:Merits P212 TITAN / Merits P213 TITAN R
award 3

Merits P213 Titan R Multi-function Rehab Power Wheelchair is suitable for people who rely on their hands or on one hand, and even the head can be used for control. This power wheelchair becomes their feet and seat. It is necessary to rely on the tilt function to create zero-gravity to shift the pressure from the hips and thighs to the back. In addition, an optional IoT system is available for customers to purchase and be installed onto the product. The mechanical detection system can detect the status of the battery and the motor performance. The dealer can identify potential product problems through the system at the remote end. The biological signal detection system can detect the sitting posture and the sitting pressure accumulation state of the user, and can transmit a message to notify the user to employ sitting posture adjustment or the tilt function to enable decompression when the user is in a poor sitting posture or sedentary for long periods.


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Merits Health Products Co. was established in 1986 and now is one of the top 5 manufacturers for power wheelchair, electric scooter and manual wheelchair in the world. We used to produce over 15% of the worldwide power wheelchairs. The turnover for the Merits Group exceeds 2.2 billion NT dollars with over 400 employees worldwide. Merits dedicate to provide the total solution of homecare mobility and our production category includes:
A. Wheelchair (manual wheelchair, power wheelchair)
B. Rehab Power Wheelchair
C. Electric scooter
D. Accessibility (stair lift/stair climber)
E. Patient Aids (cane/walker/rollator/commode)
F. Electric bed
G. Seating & positioning system (wheelchair cushion, backrest, headrest, lateral support, etc.)
Our Brand Vision: Enhancing Life Through Mobility; Mission Statement: Enabling independence and accessibility for all, by providing life enhancing quality solutions that support people in living their life to the fullest.


Since 1986, Merits Health Products Co. has been designing and manufacturing healthcare and mobility assistant products for elders and users with mobility challenges. Among these years, Merits brand has distinguished itself by superior quality and innovation. Merits logo, consisting of four red hearts, represents faithfulness, caring, love and untiring determination toward our goal of enhancing human life. We commit through dedication to continue our efforts to provide best possible products to ensure users’ daily life and autonomy.