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Industry type:Fashion
Product model number:ACJW008A
Jiun Yo Co., Ltd
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Our paper cups are laminated with 100% PLA (polylactic acid) polymers which are made with corn starch and can be bio-degraded naturally. The whole production reduces carbon footprint, and there is no petroleum polymer or plastic added during production.
The paper cup is made from food grade paper board which comes without risk of chemical and bleach pollution. We choose water-based ink and Flexo printing to decrease harm to the human body.
The PLA lined paper cup is certified with BPI and DIN CERTCO which proves that the cup can be bio-degraded within 12 weeks.
Based on an ergonomic concept, the paper cup is designed with a special angle which is ideal to be hand-held. The intelligent design of a double wall paper cup offers heat resistance. The user will enjoy the warm feeling of holding the double wall cup.
The four main themes, Annual Ring, Leaf, Deer and Flying Birds link to nature and enhance the concepts of convenience, environment protection and safety.

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About Jiun Yo Co., Ltd

Mr. MaoXiong Chen is the founder of Jiun Yo and also an expert of paper packaging manufacturer, market operation and market service for 22 years. Since the very first day, we are giving excellent quality, natural eco-friendly materials and certified professional knowledge of manufacture skill to our distinguished customers, and it is what we are promising and chasing for our future too. We are not only supporting demand but also anticipate the demand from customers. Our company has the ability to develop and create the new products. In order to provide complete range of paper cups, our technologies include innovative production such as, coating, printing, die cutting, and advanced forming machines. Jiun Yo provides the directly deliver service, which profits both from saving extra cost from inventory stock and logistic. We believe in eco-friendly will be the main corporate spirt for Jiun Yo, and we wish our customer enjoyed the best and professional of service from Jiun Yo.

http:// http://www.jiunyo.com

Our story began in 1997. The founder of JiunYo Company, Mr. MaoXiong Chen believed in environmental care and global awareness. We need to respect, appreciate, and caring in our life. Our mission is to inspire and nurture awareness of environment conservation. It is also our responsibility to ensure this practice that we truly trust which is the core values of Jiun Yo, Eco-friendly, innovation and professional. Jiun Yo Company’s initial focus is on reducing environmental impact by offering our sustainable, compostable and recyclable products. And that is what we are promise to our customers. JiunYo is famous for its innovative ability. We’ve developed over hundreds customized products, with innovation in material, production and product function. The whole idea of our packaging design is appealing to the society for cherishing the environment. We believe in making a difference in the world with the choices we make as a company.

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