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portable vacuum device and vacuum bag
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:TVD1-WHITE / TVD1-BLACK / TVD1-PINK / TVD1-PURPLE / TVB1 / TVB2 / TVB3
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VAGO can compress soft items and save more than 50% of luggage space. The technological innovations of VAGO:
1- The miniature vacuum motor can provide a maximum vacuum of up to 300mmHg, which is about 2.7 times that of a general vacuum cleaner, and compress soft items to half of their volume.
2- Through the unique precision algorithms and the program control, VAGO can instantly determine the vacuum condition in the vacuum bag by monitoring the motor current and then will automatically stop.
3- VAGO is currently the smallest vacuum compressor on the market.
4- Operating VAGO is as simple as it can get; fix it to the vacuum bag, connect to the power supply, and press the power key.
5- The vacuum flow rate is up to 2.5L per minute. An M-size VAGO vacuum bag will take less than five minutes to compress.
6- VAGO's vacuum bag with composite materials has not only excellent toughness with puncture resistance, but also can be washed. The high reusability of the bag makes it more friendly to the environment.



"Unlimited creativity, sustainable development” is the core spirit of BIG GOOD DESIGN CO., LTD. We’re composed of a group of passionate and professional Taiwan designers and global sales team. We are dedicated to creating better life experiences and at the same time, making green products for sustainability of environment.
Based on the our inclination towards “innovation, simplicity, and people-orientedness”, we contribute to the community and take the responsibility to protect mother nature from the time of our company's inception. Since our establishment in 2011, the products of BIG GOOD DESIGN have not only won international awards aligning to creative design of fashion trends but also for making our products series sell exceptionally well in as many as 20 countries all over the world.
The smart tourism product VAGO launched in 2016 which was an international brand combined the essence of technology and fashion.


Every journey is a story and every souvenir is a memory. With more than one billion travelers in the world today, everyone loves to have a rejuvenating journey or an enjoyable shopping trip. No matter what, we always wish to bring all souvenirs home, but the space in our suitcase can't always fit our dreams. While the market still launches suitcases with larger capacity to meet our needs, the resulting ecological impact is often overlooked. As a team of travel fanatics and designers, we aspired to enrich everyone's travel experiences. After years of research, we have created VAGO, the world's smallest vacuum compressor, which can fully compress clothes automatically and restore the space of the suitcase, so that travelers can take all souvenirs home and share with their loved ones. Our philosophy is to add more space in the existing luggage and introduce travelers to a new travel experience instead of buying more suitcases. We believe VAGO can redefine the space of the luggage.