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Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:MS-3D02
MedicalTek Co., Ltd.
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We believe that successful medical material innovation comes from the clinical field, so we collect product experience questionnaire feedback through in-depth interaction with physicians in product clinical trials and are committed to product improvement to meet user needs and develop product uniqueness and competitiveness.
At the heart of MonoStereo is converting 2D endoscope images into 3D images, which are compatible with 2D endoscope systems on the market to reduce the cost of hardware upgrades.
The MonoStereo includes adjustment settings for stereoscopic parameters. The adjustment of the stereo parameters is divided into five stages allowing surgeons to perform surgery in the most comfortable state.
IRCAD France's research team led by Professor Marescaux surveyed 60 surgeons using MonoStereo and existing 2D endoscopy systems for comparison and found MonoStereo significantly helps surgeons to save 20% to 30% of time in specific minimally invasive surgical procedures.


About MedicalTek Co., Ltd.

MedicalTek Co., Ltd. (MDTK) devotes to develop and manufacture imaging system for medical used in Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS). The company is located at Taichung Central Taiwan Science Park, to connect with high-tech companies in central of Taiwan and has the good research relationship with IRCAD/AITS in Changhua Taiwan, the biggest MIS training center in Asia.

The goal of MedicalTek is to provide more clear and accurate images for surgeons; to develop the products that can be closer to the needs of surgeons. MDTK breaks through the status and keeps growing to provide high quality products and services.


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