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Manual Hand Tacker
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:18531 / 18532
Pao Shen Enterprises Co., Ltd.
award 3

Powerful Easy Squeeze Tacker is the best fastening tool for everyday use. Staple vertically, or even upside down. This tacker will not let you down. Turn your DIY projects into a breeze. The steel housing makes this one of the toughest tackers out there - reliable, each time and every time. The tacker handle can be locked for simple storage, and to prevent accidental firing.
We understand users may have difficulty trying to use tackers because of the force of a heavy handle. Now with only 20~23lbs of squeeze force, your DIY/Professional projects will be done in a jiffy. For reference, other tackers range from 28lbs~45lbs.
This difference can save you money, time and sore hands.
*No other attachments/accessories required. Insert your desired staples and you are ready to go.
*Ergonomic design with effort saving mechanism. This is definitely an award winning product.


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About Pao Shen Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Pao Shen Enterprises Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing stationery and office supplies since 1976. We have made a long-term investment into the most advanced high-tech facilities to ensure high quality products, vertical integrated production and excellent management enabling us to earn ISO 9001:2008 accreditation in 1997.

The brand name “KW-trio” has become synonymous with trendsetting, becoming a worldwide leading manufacturer of desk top accessories as well as hand tool and paper trimmers/guillotines for export to over 110 countries. To keep up with fashion, design and a competitive market, we have a strong R&D team of over 100 staff and diversified precise machines for ongoing production of our own brand “KW-trio” and OEM/ODM projects.

The “KW-trio” business statement is “Progress, Harmony and Innovation.” Our goal is to satisfy your demand and create a comfortable and friendly working environment for you. We want KW-trio to always be your first choice.


The ideal of our brand KW-trio is come from Chairman Mr. Jackson Huang. He tried to make career, family and life merge together, like graceful chord Trio. K means kinds, and W means the world. Be kinds with the world!

We wish offer you variety, friendly and unique design products that you can enjoy with easily and convenient tool in the office, school and his home. Like our brand image KW-trio: Make your working, living and learning to be a graceful fusion. The ideal of KW-trio brand is come from Chairman Mr. Jackson Huang. . " Trio" means "Harmony", "Progessive" and "Innovation" to make the company forward to link up career, family and life together. We always dedicate to design and produce the Varitey, ECO friendly and Fashion products in order to provide the simple and convenient tool in the office, school and professional field to reach the easy life. Like brand image "KW-trio" creates your works and life a graceful and innovated vision.

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