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SMART Power Adjustable Tool Cabinet
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:XCPEC5806BM1M / CPEC5210B11M
award 3

1. Dual motor system: Simultaneous control for lifting and lowering. Better load capacity than a single motor. Dual-Motor is suitable for long-term use.
2. Two memory sets for preferable desk height which can be set by one click.
3. 136 kg loading capacity for desk surface.
4. It has ETL, CSA, FCC certification. Motors meet CEC and DOC standards.
5. Application: factory, motorcycle/ bicycle after sale, individual workshops.
CSPS Co, Ltd. was founded in December 1993 by CEO George Liu. This company is a professional hardware development and production company which has distributors and marketing areas across the US, EU, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, and all countries in Southeast Asia.
The company /products meet: ISO/CSA/ETL/CEC/DOE (Energy Conservation)/FCC15B (electromagnetic wave) standards. Regarding the brand name, CSPS, it implies customer satisfaction because we respond to customer and market needs promptly and provide customers suitable quality products at a reasonable and affordable price.


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About CSPS CO., LTD.

CSPS is located in Yunlin Technology Industrial park, Douliu City. It was founded in December 1993 by CEO George Liu with 1.48 Ha factory area. Our Scope of operation includes products design, development, manufacturing and sell such as power height-adjustable desk, tool storage, BBQ, kitchen furniture, and etc. Sales marketing areas across the US, EU, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, and the countries in Southeast Asia.


CSPS is built by prefix “C”, “P” and two “S”. They represent the enthusiasm for continuous pursuit of innovation and growth. 3C Capacity Capital Character 4P Product Place Promotion Price 2S Slogan Service

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