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Recording & Livestreaming CCU
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:HDR-731
BXB Electronics Co., Ltd.
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Easily record your meetings, seminars, employee training, and product release events and then live stream to internet platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

1) Intuitive live-streaming design: Live broadcast software in the current market is generally complicated to use. Learning how to use it can be a great effort for most people, and this causes inefficiency. HDR-731 allows multi-functions in a concise interface, which manages multi-sources of outputs/inputs, seamlessly switches and arranges output layouts. In addition, live broadcasts can be streamed and recorded on two online platforms simultaneously.
2) Web managing interface: The common link between Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and other systems in the market is having web browsers. HDR-731 manages various functions through the web, not only breaking device restrictions but also preventing malware attacks, which ensures data security and enhances flexibility
3) High-quality audio and video: supports 4-CH FHD 1080P60 inputs, 2-CH HDMI outputs and various streaming formats (such as RTMP, HLS, RTSP, TS). The image has seamless switching features and is more comfortable to watch.


About BXB Electronics Co., Ltd.

Established in September, 1991, BXB Electronics Co., Ltd. is specialized in the invention of Networked AV over IP system and offering the most compatible solution for clients. Our core technique is the multimedia streaming over network, which can be extensively applied to smart conferencing, smart campus, smart office, and smart city. BXB sticks to innovation enhancement and be the most reliable partner of the global enterprises. Promoting the brand name BXB to all over the world, we are proud that our installation performances has reached to more than 100 countries and BXB has been the top leading brand in Taiwanese market for long.

BXB is always ready to take challenges and break through difficulties in product innovation and development. By holding the value of“Best X Best”and the principle of “Product Innovation, Customer Priority”, BXB pursues excellence to perfection and constantly improves our products and services. We expect that BXB would be the most reliable and trustworthy friend for you all.


BXB, the literal meaning in English is “Best plus best. “It refers to BXB’s insistence on quality, as the double “Best”, says the pursuit of perfection. BXB, the graphic meaning is butterfly. It conveys BXB is like the butterfly transformation, with the spirits of innovation, continuously explores changes and the newest, and eventually soars to great heights.

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