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ImplantMax for Guided Implantation
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:IMX100/IMX101
Saturn Imaging Inc.
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ImplantMax sets a new standard in guided implantology; aiming to promote the guiding technology into routine practice in all implantation procedures. ImplantMax provides an all-in-one solution for guided implantology, ranging from digital treatment planning, surgical guide fabrication, to surgical guide verification.
The innovations of our ImplantMax include:
1. All-in-one Solution:
Integrates all key processes under your direct control, including planning, fabrication, and verification.
2. Digital Model Navigation:
ImplantMax offers digital model navigation which allows you to hold the probe and touch the model to access the patient’s jawbone image in real-time.
3. Safety Verification:
ImplantMax’s image fusion tool is applied to combine treatment planning and drilling results to verify the accuracy of the guide.


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About Saturn Imaging Inc.

Saturn Imaging focuses medical imaging software technology to assist physicians and medical professionals in comprehensive planning and precise surgery to benefit patients.
Digital and intelligent medical is developed and evolved rapidly. Saturn foresees that the medical treatment and training system will be impacted by the evolving technologies. Therefore, Saturn is committed to develop practical clinical tools that enable technology to truly help medical community rather than fancy high-tech products.
In the process of medical digitalization, Saturn is devoted to translate physicians’ clinical knowledge and experience into application software to expand the unlimited possibility of intelligent diagnosis. We believe that in the near future, the treatment quality will be improved dramatically with the help of intelligent diagnosis.


The term “ImplantMax” is composed of “Implant” and “Max” that means dentists could maximum the strength of implant surgery with it. ImplantMax transforms the daily dental implantation from freehand procedure to highly accurate and state-of-the-art guidance procedure. The key component is our all-in-one solution for guided implantology that provides diagnosis, treatment planning, fabrication and verification of in-house surgical guide. The patient can benefit from the dentist' s thorough planning.

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