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Smallest ,Filterless, Personal Air Purifier
Industry type:Fashion
Product model number:Luft Cube
Rice Ear Ltd.
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By conducting research of 10K MVP product sales and obtaining users’ experiences, Luft Cube was created with consideration to authentic feedback.
1.) Destroying and breaking aero-allergies to ease the effects of allergy: To resolve users’ pain from allergic reactions which emanate from allergens in the air. Luft Cube features nano-photocatalysis technology which attacks VOCs, mold, bacteria, virus and pollens which regular filter-based air purifiers can’t.
2.) Personal Aid for adjacent breathing scenarios: Applying Luft Cube on a bedroom cabinet while sleeping, in the car, or placing on your desk in the office. These activities occupy 18 hours a day.
3.) Silent, energy-saving and cost-saving: Filterless product and an electricity bill of only 2 USD more per year.
LUFTQI aims at target customers in major cities and countries. Marketing approaches are attracting early adopters through international crowdfunding, E-commerce platforms, and localized via biz both on and offline.


About Rice Ear Ltd.

Rice Ear Ltd. cultivates faithful doer spirit and co-creation culture. Key activities are “Design- Brand-Marketing”. Branding “LUFQI” brings “Good Life in Simplicity”.



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