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Target Global Health Energy Tape
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:TA0001
Target Global Co., Ltd.
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This product uses patented nano technology to implant the patent elements of germanium, titanium and precious metals into the surface of the watch. The far-infrared radiation rate is up to 99%, which promotes blood circulation and helps relieve soreness caused by exercise or external forces. Does not contain any anti-inflammatory ingredients. It can be applied to the skin for three days without any stimulation or allergic reaction and can also be used without any tearing. It is easy to use and can be applied to all parts of the body to relieve pain.


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About Target Global Co., Ltd.

Since the establishment of the Taipei company in 2017, Target Global has always adhered to the business philosophy of “Bringing Health to Love”. Health is the first wealth of life. We integrate professional medical equipment with life, and adhere to all national units: Industrial Technology Research Institute, Consortium Textile Research Institute, Taimei Inspection Technology Company, Rongmin General Hospital, etc. The products are manufactured by MIT Taiwan, providing the best products and safety for the health and happiness of customers. Target Global hopes to continuously develop and enhance the products, realize the spirit of inheriting health and inheritance, and make a contribution in the field of preventive health care. Power gives back to the society and achieves the goal of sustainable management.


Tiezawa Global is rooted in the love and care of family members. Because the product developers are not worried about their mother's long-term pain and sleep, they have developed their products through their own medical expertise. After many years and with the national level: Industrial Technology Research Institute The Institute of Textile Research, the Taiwan-based Inspection and Technology Corporation, and the Rongmin General Hospital jointly developed R&D certification and developed a medical grade energy blanket series. After the product was developed, it was published in the market and won the approval of many hospitals. It even became a prescription for hospitals, helping many people to find health.

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