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Multi-Physiological System
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:J21 / C21 / Q21 / 全家寶APP
Inventec Appliances Corp.
award 3

「Easy Doctor Multi-Physiological Measurement System」is composed of Blood Pressure Monitor、Blood Glucose/Total Cholesterol/Uric Acid Monitoring System and ECG Recorder. Its integrated design takes into account both taste and function, and is easy to carry and store. It subverts the old-fashioned and non-integrated design of traditional medical equipment, and re-gives a new definition of medical-grade physiological measurement equipment.
5-in-1 physiological measurement equipment provides the most complete and accurate results. With the medical IoT technology, the physiological signals can be seamlessly transmitted to the cloud platform through wireless technology. In addition to physiological data It can be inquired at any time, remote medical staff or family members also can quickly grasp your data through sharing and alert functions; it can also be applied to home health management、preventive medicine、remote medical, becoming an epidemic prevention and New trends in health care.


About Inventec Appliances Corp.

Inventec Appliances Corp.(IAC) is 100% funded by its parent company Inventec and built on the four pillars of Products, Market, Sales and Service.
IAC has launched a variety of successful products and uses its own R & D and production expertise to quickly enter the medical industry, create its own brand and develop a series of medical and health-related products.