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O’right Toothpaste Nº Zero
Industry type:Fashion
Product model number:11306999AAAA
Hair O'right International Corp.
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O’right puts natural active ingredients at the heart of our skin care formulations. We care about what you put in your mouth. Formulated with food-grade plant-based ingredients, O’right Toothpaste N°Zero helps you maintain a good oral hygiene without compromising your health.

We are dedicated to maximizing the value of natural resources, selecting agricultural waste instead of chemicals. This natural toothpaste contains a blend of botanicals including totara, beech and Indian soapberry extracts to gently polish and scrub off teeth stains while fighting plaque and tartar buildup.

We use wood powder certified by USDA with 100% biobased content and can be 100% dissolved in water. It wraps teeth with its soft and gentle touch to remove stains and plaque. Traditional abrasives such as calcium carbonate and silicon dioxide, harder and insoluble in water and oil, could damage the tooth enamel over time. Achieve healthier teeth and gums and a greener earth.


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About Hair O'right International Corp.

As the leading green hair care brand in Taiwan, Hair O’right International Corporation is the home to Asia’s first GMP certified green cosmetics plant, which is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 22716, ISO 17025, ISO 50001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. O’right’s product manufacturing relies on 100% clean energies of solar and wind power, along with water recycling systems. O’right is one of the very few hair care manufacturers established in Taiwan that engages in green research and development, eco-friendly design, green processing, and creative marketing.
O’right has received global recognition for its innovative green products, winning multiple awards at the top three international invention exhibitions, iF Design Award, and Red Dot Award. From the procurement, raw materials, design, production, delivery, usage, and recycling of green products, O’right strives to create an eco-friendly environment for everyone and future generations to enjoy.


Steven Ko, O’right’s CEO, lost his parents to kidney disease and cancer in 2002, the same year in which Hair O’right International Corp. was established. Since then, Steven, who often suffers from allergies, vowed to take protective measures against exposure to heavy metals and chemical substances, determined to help people lead a chemical-free lifestyle. In September 2006, aiming towards becoming a green brand, O’right devoted itself to achieving its mission of keeping people healthy and making the planet we live on an eco-friendly place. The “O” in O’right’s brand vision “It’s O’right” symbolizes the beautiful earth we live on and “O’right” (pronounced as “all right”) represents sustainability and our aim to do what is best for the earth. With Natural, Pure, Ecofriendly as the core concept, O’right endeavors to plant green seeds for the environment to give future generations a better and more sustainable lifestyle.