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Tool Holder With Coolant
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:HCLNR-2525M12 HTJNR-2525M16 HWLNR-2525M08
Echaintool Precision Co., Ltd
award 3

Two-way direct injection water hole, with lower pressure plate guided water hole, can be connected to the high-pressure water pipe from the side of the tool holder and below the tool holder, and spray water from the center at a short distance, which can effectively reduce the thermal energy generated by cutting; Chip problems, extend the machining life of the blade, and reduce the cost of the tool; accurate positioning of the center pin, and the large pressure plate to strengthen and fix, can withstand light, medium and heavy cutting processing, stable size; the tool holder will not contact the cooling water during the cooling process to ensure that Rusty and clean working environment.
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