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5mm/7mm Semi-Dry Fullsuit
Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:DS-5B134M/W-5ZSemi / DS-5B134-2M/W-4ZSemi
Aropec Sports Corp.
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Aropec Semi-dry Fullsuit provides superior warmth and protection, designed with various features.
1.Super-Stretch front-elbow/back/back-waist/side-trims/back-knee/back-calf to ensure flexibility and freedom of movement.
2.5mm Supratex hip to provide durability.
3.Back collar with adjustable Velcro closure to provide better comfort.
4.Semi-dry PK S-Lock back zipper provide better water-seal and Nylon webbing for easy zipping.
5.Wrist & ankle with zippers to help when put-on and take-off
6.The wrists and ankles are sealed with double layer of cuffs, to guarantee minimum water infiltration.
7.Glued and double blind-stitched to reinforce durability and greater waterproof.
8.Printed shoulder pads to grip BCD resistance.
9.Integrated Liquid-rubber knee-pads for greater durability.
10.3D template pattern & cutting design to fit full-body sizing better, guarantee for outstanding insulation and heat retention of natural warmth of the body.
This series is one of the best choice for divers!


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About Aropec Sports Corp.

Aropec Sports was established from 1963 in Taiwan. We export our quality products with excellent service to our global customers from over 86 countries around the world to their entire satisfaction. We hope to develop good partnership with our customers for long term mutual benefit.

Our products cover a wide range of diving, water sports, and outdoor sports. For instance, scuba diving, snorkeling, spearfishing, surfing, windsurfing, bodyboarding, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, rafting, canyoning, water sporting, swimming, cycling, racing, marathon, triathlon, outdoor sports, and compression products…….etc.


Our company brand “AROPEC” is a combination of “ARO” and “PEC”. “ARO” stands for a prefix “AERO,” which means heaven or sky, compared to God in Chinese. “PEC” means aid or support. Thus “AROPEC” means God’s help. As the proverb says, “God helps those who help themselves”. Aropec urges people to do exercise or sporting and build up active philosophy, and hopes the encouragement may result in healthy and pleasant life to everyone.