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High Precision Rotary Type
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:ERG series
award 2

Hydrostatic rotating disk— Core of skill uses way of oil body to suspend surface of rotating disk above surface of oil body. No contact between machine, improve accuracy, stability, life, auto centring, and advantages of pin deflection amount, anti-vibration absorption effect and reduced service cost. Constant speed skill achieve goals of high precision & long life. Application of high rigidity structure withstand higher processing strength than traditional machine tools, with higher accuracy.
 Power from servo motor, rotation speed of rotating shaft changed smoothly without pause through controller.
Depending on grinding speed required for inner and outer diameters of circle on rotating disk, rotating shaft automatically change speed according to inner and outer diameters.
 Effectively improve accuracy and reduce excessive wear caused by improper speed of grinding wheel.
Apply equal speed to improve accuracy, reduce vibration caused by constant speed and feed.



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